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Milagros McCauley, M.A. - Director and Founder

Founding Member - Academy of Professional Family Mediators

At Divorce Mediation of Massapequa, we understand that deciding to separate or divorce is a difficult decision and we are here to help you work through this arduous and overwhelming time in your life.

I have over twenty years of experience successfully counseling families in crisis.  My professional experience includes working as a school counselor, a vocational rehabilitation counselor and as a mental health counselor working with adults, children, families, domestic violence victims and working with families with minor and adult children with special needs. 

Through the years, I have counseled hundreds of families, children and adults. The one thing most people have in common when they decide to separate or divorce is that they begin the process with the belief that they can have a "civil divorce". Unfortunately, the judicial system is adversarial and an "amicable divorce" quickly becomes a war that no one wants to lose.

A litigious divorce builds adversaries while destroying relationships, developing mistrust and fostering anger and resentment. Let us help YOU facilitate the terms and conditions of YOUR agreement, so that you can get back to rebuilding your parental relationship and your family.

We will help you separate your feelings for each other as a couple and help you rebuild your relationship as parents.

I became a divorce mediator because I believe that an amicable and civil divorce is possible through Mediation.  Having witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of drawn out "court battles" on both the children and on the divorcing couples, both emotionally and financially.  Families deplete their savings, children's college funds and borrow against their homes in order to litigate their divorce.  

I also believe that divorcing couples want to control their process and decide for themselves the terms of their separation or divorce.  This is your agreement.  One that you will live with, therefore why give a judge or lawyers the power to determine the terms and conditions of your separation and / or divorce agreement.  I will help you negotiate in good faith an agreement that you both can live with. 

I look forward to helping guide you through the Mediation Process.  

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