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Divorce Mediation
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We specialize in family matters such as divorce, separation, custody and visitation, divorce settlement disputes, parent-child disputes, estate planning and other related areas.

We are committed to doing this in a respectful, sensitive, and impartial way.  

Please remember, you DO have a choice!

You can:  

- Send your kids to college OR put your lawyer’s kids through college;

- Heighten animosity through lawyers OR keep things cool with mediation;

- Let the courts decide for you OR craft your solution yourselves;

- Invest years in court OR spend weeks in mediation

Call us today to set-up your free consultation at (516) 350-3909.

We are committed to providing mediation and family services at affordable rates. Please call and see if you qualify for a reduced rate based on a sliding scale. 

New York State Council for Divorce Mediation www.nyscdm.com

The Academy of Professional Family Mediators - www.professionalfamilymediators.org

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Association for Conflict Resolution - www.acrorg.net