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Divorce Mediation
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In Divorce Mediation, a trained mediator will help you and your spouse work together to reach an agreement that will encompass both immediate and long range concerns. 

The Divorce Mediator’s job is to help a couple arrive at a fair and satisfactory settlement, with no winner or loser.

The Mediator is not an advocate for either party and does not make any decisions.

The Mediator serves as a facilitator who helps the couple explore all options and their consequences.

The Mediator works to ensure that neither party gives away too much, nor dominates the other.

The Mediation Process

An initial appointment will be made for a brief consultation at no charge. 

-    At this consultation the mediation process is explained in detail and any questions about mediation will be answered. 

-    The couple, with the help of the mediator, will begin to discuss their concerns, gather and review any necessary financial data.

-    Step by step, you will make decisions about the type of agreement you want. During this process, care is taken to make sure that the needs of all family members are considered.

-    Sessions are usually 1½-2 hours.

-    The entire process averages approximately six sessions depending the issues that need to be resolved.

All decisions necessary for a Separation or Divorce Agreement are discussed.

What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

The goal of mediation is to produce an agreement that is both fair and satisfactory to both parties. 

The benefits of Mediation:

  • takes less time, so you can move ahead with your life
  • costs less
  • allows you to control the decisions that affect your life
  • benefits children and others by reducing conflict
  • promotes communication and cooperation
  • voids public disclosure of financial and personal matters

Mediation is not about winning and losing.  Mediation is about solving problems.  When parties collaborate and a problem is solved, everybody wins.