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What is Co-Mediation?

The Co-Mediation style of divorce mediation approach affords couples more balance, comfort, and professional attention than mediation practiced by solo mediators. Other advantages which the co-mediation style of divorce mediation has over the traditional model of solo mediation include:

1.     Our clients benefit from the skills and more than twelve years divorce mediation experience of our two mediators.

2.     Our clients benefit from the skills of two mediators with varied backgrounds and more than thirty-five years combined of counseling experience in the areas of marriage and family, school counseling, mental health, career counseling, social services, substance abuse, vocational rehabilitation and domestic violence counseling at a cost comparable to that charged by solo mediators.

3.     Our mediation team, consisting of a male and female mediator, thus preventing either client from not feeling understood due to issues of “gender bias,” or gender styles of communication.

4.     Our co-mediation style of divorce mediation is more likely to promote an atmosphere of trust, comfort and fairness than the atmosphere provided by one mediator, working alone.

5.     Our clients have the advantage of the combined skills of two mediators, whose skills enhance and complement each other.

At Divorce Mediation of Massapequa we will Co-Mediate your divorce unless previously specified in your contract.