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Divorce Mediation
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To Divorce or Separate is the most emotionally complex decision you will make in your lifetime. 

At Divorce Mediation of Massapequa:

-    We provide our clients with a compassionate, dignified and affordable alternative to a contentious litigation.  

-    We use a family centered approach which is a tested, sensitive, intelligent approach  to the resolution of separation, divorce, and custody disputes.

-    We assist couples in separating "spousal" issues from "parenting" issues and work together as partners to continue making constructive parenting together. 

 -   Couples develop a divorce agreement that is fair and acceptable to both parties and, most importantly, in the best interest of the children.

Let us help you take control of your agreement. 

We are a mediation group who puts children and families first. 

We believe in a child friendly, and more cooperative method of helping families through the trauma of divorce.

Areas of Mediation

*   Family and Children
*   Parenting Responsibilities (Access, Custody, and Support)
*   Distribution of Marital Assets
*   Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)
*   Tax Implications
*   Ways to Avoid Future Problems
*   Other Relevant Issue

Settlements reached through mediation are completed quickly and have a consistently higher compliance rate than those reached through the traditional adversarial process. 

Mediators show people how to work together productively in spite of their anger.

Divorce Mediation is for all couples that are dissolving a marriage, regardless of years married or whether there are children involved or not. 

Call us today at (516) 350-3909 to schedule your free consultation to discuss the mediation process and how it will work for you.